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MA4937DM-REC 1100 Litre Lid-in-Lid

With watertight self-closing plastic flap.

L: 929mm x W:1245mm

MA4937DM-REC 1100 Litre Lid-in-Lid

To fit Taylor, Sellers & Spider 1100 litre containers.

  • Watertight as flap is self-closing.
  • User-friendly. The flap is light and easy to lift.
  • Black base lid with coloured flap reduces costs.
  • Stackable for cost-effective freight.
  • Flap can be locked independently for additional security.
  • Flap can readily be interchanged if application alters.
  • Base lid can be produced in recycled material.
  • Equipped to accept patented CCE lock for security.
  • Integral front handles for ease of opening.

Also available:

with brushes for recycling glass
standard lid (MA4937DM) 
lid-in-lid with round Ø 56cm flap (MM4937RM)

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Technical drawing:
MA4937DM-REC 1100 Litre Lid-in-Lid
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