Customer Service

At Duraflex we understand what great customer service means.

From listening and understanding your wants and needs, to giving over 40 years of industry experience in valuable advice to help create your perfect outcome.
Our service is based on a number of core values which guarantee you get the best from our relationship.

Confidence: We know our industry like no other. Manufacturing lids is what we do, so when it comes to deciding who to deal with, we are at the top of the list.
Trust: Over the years, we have built up a reputation for delivering on what we agree, and it's this commitment to our customers, which has seen the Duraflex name stand out above others.

Personality: We pride ourselves on having Smart and talented people who can also have fun, be engaging and sometimes have interesting opinions on life - but that's only sometimes!

Process: We have many unique selling points, but one of our biggest is the journey of delivering our commitment to you.

Flexibility: We know that in life we can't have everything, however we wanted to challenge this for you, creating a truly unique service, from ordering small to gigantic numbers, from unique to standard sizes and from crazy colous to well you get the picture ... With Duraflex -You can have whatever you want :)

Talk to us about your next requirement, so that we can deliver on time for you.

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