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Technical Support

Our Design and Engineering team as well as our Sales team will be pleased to give the technical support you require.

If you identify a lid for a new application which you have not used previously, please ask us for a free sample.

In case you have difficulty in identifying the optimal lid for the job, or in fitting a lid you have purchased, our technical expertise is always at your disposal.

The majority of the vast range of DuraFlex lids have been drawn up using the latest Autodesk Inventor program. Should you wish to use 3D technology to enhance presentations to your customers, please ask us for the relevant models.

Our Design and Engineering team works continously on expanding the selection of 3D lid models. We aim to provide the best support for you in order to assist you in designing your products in an optimal way.

We apologise in advance should you choose a lid that is in a 2D format. If you require this in a 3D format we will be happy to arrange for it to be re-engineered upon request.

Please contact us if you require any kind of support.

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